Galaxy Racers Traffic

Galaxy Racers uses the Troublerace gameplay concept, an intuitive and fun gameplay developed entirely by kunst-stoff.

From the bird’s eye view, the players experience a road system with various vehicles driving around. But instead of being navigated by the players, the vehicles drive automatically on visible paths to their targets. They will automatically take the shortest path to the targets.

Manipulate Routes

Galaxy Racers Traffic Galaxy Racers Traffic

In order to win, the players manipulate the routes of the vehicles with traffic signs and other manipulators like weather or tricky situations. By doing this, they manage that the opponent drivers arrive at their targets later or not at all - and get very annoyed!

International Localization

Galaxy Racers Traffic Galaxy Racers Traffic

The game optionally provides with right-hand traffic as well as left-hand traffic. The traffic signs can be optionally chosen according to the country of the player.

Play with crazy Specials

Galaxy Racers Specials Galaxy Racers Specials Galaxy Racers Specials

I.T., one of the Galaxy Racers, invented some viruses, to be used in the core gameplay, his SPECIALS: They can be found in gift boxes on the streets. You collect them when your driver passes the boxes.
Among these, there is the SIREN which speeds up your driver, or the PROTECTION which makes you invisible so that your opponent can’t see you.

This gameplay principle allows for various suspenseful playing variations and for the combination with diverse educational content.